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Invest in fractal ownership of the space businesses with Space Credits security tokens.

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Space is now US$ 330 billion a year business and it will increase to more than a trillion US$ in the following decade.

Satellite constellations for fastest internet and super detailed earth observation, private space stations, Lunar bases, hotels in space and asteroid mining, together with deep space exploration are driving a new space race, with an ultimate goal of settling on Mars.

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With Space Credits you can:

Invest in space-related businesses

Trade space products and services.

Support scientific space exploration.

Every project in space is a mission. By funding a mission, you get an exclusive access to the specific mission. You can also support some of the missions tax free! Subscribe to learn more.

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Martin Mossler

Business Dev Vp

Craig Sellars

Technology VP

Frank Salzgeber

Advisor, ESA

Dustin Boyer

Advisor, DARPA